Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you live?

I’m sorry. Unfortunately, the internet can be a dangerous place (even for grown women such as myself!) and I really would prefer to keep that information private, especially considering I have revealed details about daughter and husband.

Why didn’t you become a chef?

I get this question quite frequently and, honestly, I did not become a chef because I felt that taking up cooking as a profession would end up ruining my passion for it and making me hate it.

I don’t know whether there was any truth to that fear or not, but either way, I am extremely content to be working in the field that I am.

What is the name of you BLW cookbook?

egg-944495_1920While I would love to share the name of my cookbook with you, due to privacy concerns addressed in the first question, I will not be revealing the title on this blog.

This is because I did not use a pen-name when writing my book and giving out the title would
make it more than easy to get my real name.

And I’m super paranoid about stalkers.

What is your favorite dish?

Oof. That is probably the hardest question I have ever had to, or will ever have to, answer.

I am completely in love with food.

And despite many of the higher-end restaurants I blog about, I love everything from Sourpatch Kids, to macaroni and cheese, to rabbit ravioli, and beef wellington.

Honestly though, Italian and Greek style dishes will always have my heart.

There is just something so comforting about that genre of plate. 

What is the most obscure genre of cuisine you’ve tasted?

The most obscure genre of cuisine I’ve tasted would have to be Ethiopian.

Don’t get the impression that I think the food is super weird or anything. I just mean obscure as in very few people have ever tried it or are even aware what it entails.

Nick, Daisy and I were lucky enough to visit the Injera Ethiopian Restaurant during our stay in New York, and my mind was just completely blown the nation’s amazingly distinct set of flavors and spices.

Not only that, but the food is also extremely filling, leaving you feeling satisfied for hours afterward.

Nick and I had ordered the Meat Combination for Two which included two lamb tibs and two beef tibs accompanied by 4 vegetarian sides.

While the tibs were obviously amazing, my absolute favorite was the shiro, which is a dish of seasoned and blended split peas cooked with olive oil and garlic. So simple, but so utterly delicious.

For more information regarding Ethiopian food and recipes, be sure to check out my blog post entitled “An Introduction to Ethiopian Cuisine”.

Pastrami or Montreal Smoked Meat?

I know I’ll likely get crucified for saying this, but come on, guys.

For the most part, they are the exact same thing.

Both beef belly, both seasoned, both smoked, and both absolutely delicious.

Now, stop with that arguing and let the pastrami and smoked meat lovers unite!