The Best Family-Owned Restaurant in New York City

I recently discussed Nick’s, Daisy’s, and my travels to New York City in order to visit my beloved mother-in-law. Upon this journey, our family got the opportunity to dine at Injera and taste Ethiopian cuisine for the very first time.

Unfortunately, what we did not get the chance to do, is cross off a long-held bucket list dream.

And that dream is to someday dine at Daniel.

What is Daniel?

Daniel is a renowned French restaurant owned and operated by the famous French chef Daniel Boulud.

chef+daniel+bouludBoulud has won a long list of culinary accolades is considered to be one of the nation’s top authorities on the art of cooking.

Daniel is among many facilities operated by Boulud, which include DB Bistro Moderne, Bar Boulud, and DBGB Kitchen & Bar, and is located smack dab in the middle of the Upper East Side, Manhattan.

The Daniel restaurant was a New York Times Critic Choice, with Pete Wells recommending dishes such as chilled minted pea soup; duck terrine, black sea bass with syrah sauce, duo beef, and mint-scented strawberries.

What Type of Food?

According to Wells, much of Daniel’s popularity was garnered on the basis of its “exquisite refinements on French peasant food.”

He does go on to state, however, “Over the years, the refinements have

Chefs Daniel Boulud, Jean Francois Bruel

multiplied while the peasant food has been sent away to [Boulud’s] many bistros”.

Executive Chef Jean-Francois Bruel’s current main courses feature options such as roasted liberty farm duck breast served with dandelion flower marmalade and gooseberries, goji, fennel, kampot and pepper jus, as well as braised rabbit leg ravioli with chorizo cream, served with cutlet tempura, baked saddled, young artichoke, and miner’s lettuce.

Boulud’s dishes are so ingenious they are often natural in their quality, inciting some critics to note that he “routinely triumphs in why-didn’t-anyone-else-think-of-it feats”, going on to list his seasonal paupiette of sea bass in a crisp potato shell as a prime example.

What Type of Drinks?

Daniel is home to a large selection of delicious-sounding cocktails and wine pairings.

The Bar & Lounge is organized into two areas, the Upper Lounge and the Bar & Lower Lounge.

The Daniel website states that the Upper Lounge offers a la carte and tasting menus while the Lower Lounge is “where the action happens”.

In addition to their large collection of spirits, Daniel advertises ten custom cocktails, including the Golden Girl (a sparkling cocktail made up of champagne, Avua cachaça, Coconut Cordial, lime, and egg white) and the 6a00d8358081ff69e20192ab164a58970d-800wi“New Yorkir” 20 (which features a blend of St-Germain, Sweet Vermouth reduction, Pernod Absinthe, lemon oil, and champagne).

If you’re more of a wine connoisseur, then you’ll surely be pleased with Daniel’s expansive wine selection, spanning fifteen countries and featuring more than 2,0000 high-quality varieties.

What Type of Ambiance?

Daniel’s website advertises a distinctive setting “that boasts contemporary furnishings and finishes atop [its] grand neo-classical architecture.”

When it comes to noise, it seems that the acceptable level is slightly lower than moderate, with Wells of the New York Times stating it’s “more than a murmur but considerably less than din”.

My name is Michelle Lawrence and I am what some may call a “foodie”. Although I’ve never worked in what can be considered a “formal” kitchen setting, preparing and enjoying food has always been an integral part of my life since my early Easy Bake Oven days.

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