About Us

As humans, it’s pretty fair to say that, food is one of our primal pleasures.

Since ancient times, we have come together as a group to socialize over a hot fire and delicious food. And since those times, not very much has changed.

My name is Michelle Lawrence and I am what some may call a “foodie”. Although I’ve never worked in what can be considered a “formal” kitchen setting, preparing and enjoying food has always been an integral part of my life since my early Easy Bake Oven days.

My journey into food began slowly as I dabbled the waters of baking, partaking in pastries, pies, cookies, and innumerable other various desserts. As I grew into my teens, however, the creativity of cooking began to take precedence over the science of baking.

I dabbled with attempting to create each dish perfectly, starting with chicken and later moving towards entrees involving ingredients such as wild meats, unique varieties of fish, and obscure collections of spices.

paris-832324_1280This personal cooking odyssey has been exhilarating and I’ve been ever so lucky to have my husband Nick along with me for the ride. This may not be the right place, but I’d like to take this moment to give him a great big thank you for never hesitating to be the taste tester of even my most “exotic” cooking endeavors.

After high school, much of my time was dedicated to achieving my postsecondary honors degree in chemistry, and unfortunately, as a result, my interest in cooking was forced take the backseat to my studies.

Following my graduation, I worked in the field as a chemical engineer prior to becoming pregnant with our daughter, Daisy.

Daisy Noel Lawrence was born on November 13th, 2015 and has so far provided Nick and I with a handful of delightful events and experiences. Watching her grow has been a joy, but also a challenge.

As a mother, it’s my duty to be sure that my daughter is ingesting the finest quality ingredients out there. Upon discussing this with Nick, he suggested I start reinvesting time into my passion for cooking, a suggestion with which I enthusiastically agreed.

Since becoming a self-proclaimed master of baby-led weaning recipes and having written a successful BLW recipe book, I find myself missing the fascinating and refreshing experience of adult dining and beverages.

This blog aims to take you with me as I rediscover the world of the exotic and exhilarating cuisine experience.

I hope that it will cover various types of cuisines, restaurants, reviews, recipes (and more!) by the time my maternity leave is finished and I am ready to return back to work.

Whether you’re into pizza, fine dining, rare tastes, or are just looking for a place to grab a bite, this blog will definitely provide you with all of that, and more.

If you have any cuisine-related questions, a topic that you would like covered, or a restaurant that you would like reviewed, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Now, let’s get eating!

-Michelle Lawrence